Friday, 8 November 2013

Which Ornamental Grasses are good for Autumn and Winter?

For those looking to added some colour and life to their autumn and winter gardens many will explore the huge variety of ornamental grasses for sale. Ornamental grasses are fantastic for softening hard landscaping and using as a contrast to other plants where many varieties can also be architectural in their own right. Most gardens can accommodate several varieties, ornamental grasses coming in a wide range of colours and textures which makes them versatile for virtually all garden styles and situations. Great for sensory gardens where you will be able to hear the breeze whispering through the taller varieties. Smaller grasses can be used to compliment containers.

There are many ornamental grasses to choose from for your garden, below are listed some which we recommend adding to your autumn and winter gardens.

Miscanthus Herman Mussel

A beautiful hardy ornamental grass for growing in beds and borders. This is a large grass with floaty, ferny seed heads which are perfect for adding some gentle movement to the garden with a relaxing rustle.
Easy to grow and it is an all year round ornamental grass that requires virtually no maintenance. Grows up to 2 metres in sun or partial shade.

Miscanthus Sinensis Zebrinus - Zebra Grass

Making a foliage feature all year around with a sensational Zebra Grass effect, this recommend addition for your winter garden offers eye catching green leaves with creamy white or pale lemon yellow horizontal bands.

Ophiopogon Planiscapus Nigrascens - Black Ornamental Grass

An award winning grass-like plant with low growing tufts of very dark purple blades that actually appear to be black. Racemes of pale lilac / pink flowers appear among the foliage in the summer followed by black berries in the Autumn / Winter. Looks fantastic with other grasses and especially attractive within grouped tubs.

Imperata Cylindrica Red Barron - Japanese Blood Grass

Imperata Cylindrical Rubra is better known to many as 'Red Barron' or 'Japanese Blood Grass' and is a highly recommend, especially for it's colour, ornamental grass for the simple reason of it's vivid and unusual colours which will offer a stunning feature to any autumn or winter garden.
The foliage of this stunning herbaceous grass is quite literally blood-red, fading off to a nice shade of bright green at the base of the plant which only goes to highlight the vivid red colouration of each foliage blade. This grass will make a fantastic addition to any garden and looks particularly good teamed with other grasses and perennials.

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