Tuesday, 19 November 2013

When is a good time to be planting roses in your garden?

Planting bare root roses:

Roses are deciduous so winter is a great time to be planting them into your garden, being in a dormant state they can easily be pruned and planted ready for growth in spring. They are usually purchased with no soil making them easier to transport and for planting, not highly attractive, but will usually offer a good bloom in their first year.

Roses generally appreciate a sunny position in your garden that is sheltered from strong winds, you will not see great results from planting roses in shaded areas. Soil is ideally well-drained and complimented with organic matter as well as being recently well cultivated.

Ideally, dig a hole to a depth of approx 20-30cm depending on size of the rose and when planting, add some compost or manure. Water the soil well (ideally the day before) and prepare your bare root rose by placing it into a bucket of water to soak and hydrate the roots and clean the roots from any past attached soil.

Spread the roots when planting in the prepared hole then fill in the soil to create a small mound in the base and continue to fill up to the bud union bump which should remain above ground level. Water once done to drain away any air pockets and re add soil if needed.

Spring time will produce shoots and depending how well you have planted and fed your rose, you will gain bloom throughout summer months and autumn.

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