Monday, 4 November 2013

Guide to Autumn and Winter Hanging Baskets.

Hanging baskets are not just for summer nor either just for the front of your house, you can enjoy wonderful baskets during Autumn and Winter months throughout the outside of your home. They are such easy solutions to add some real colour and interest to any space and transform garden fences and walls plus add an extra eye catching feature. The summer will offer stunning colours within hanging baskets with Autumn and Winter months offering frost hardy flower and evergreen displays.

A Hanging Basket for Autumn

Your baskets should be prepared with an inner liner such as moss, filled with a shallow layer of hanging basket compost then some good quality soil.
Ideal plants to use include:

Trailing Pansy
Viola Roscastle Black

These kind of flowers and evergreen plants will really make your display vibrant in colour and volume. There are many variety of pansy that you can purchase during Autumn to fill your baskets with which will last you through to early winter months.

A Hanging Basket for Winter

You can plant your winter hanging baskets between the months of September and October and remember that it does not really matter if they are frosted as the plants you will be using should be hardy. Winter hanging baskets are best kept in sheltered and sunny spots to give them some protection from the very coldest of days. Gardeners must be sure to deadhead regulary to prevent the plants energy going in to seed production rather then on more blooming. Normally, watering of your basket will be once a week.
Ideal plants to use include:

Evergreen Azaleas

Top Tip: To create a spectacular display, you need a mix of upright, mound-forming and tumbling plants.


Winter Pansies:

A very reliable favourite for winter hanging basket displays and these flower non-stop for months on end so longer that on a regular basis you remember to dead head!

Clematis Winter Beauty:

The real interest is of course the flowers - in December, the plants are loaded with buds, they appear en-mass and are lovely shades of soft creamy lime, hanging amongst the foliage like small bells, they are poised with energy to continue blooming and bring joy to the gardeners heart throughout the dullest, shortest days.


Flowering from Autumn right through to Spring they bring real cheer in the duller weather when little else is happy to put on a show.


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