Thursday, 7 November 2013

Plants with Amazing Colours for Autumn and Winter.

It is not only the Holly berry bush that should be appearing in gardens for winter, there are many more colourful berry plants for Autumn and Winter months. Evergreen and berry plants for winter are a great addition for any garden and will brighten your winter landscape through frost and snow with  brilliant coloured berries and colourful foliage. Below are some suggestions of berry plants ideal for a winters garden as well as providing natural bird food and for usage within your Christmas decorations at home.

The firethorns are all tough, very hardy shrubs which tolerate a wide range of demanding conditions, including shaded and exposed positions and make dense thorny evergreen growth ideal for intruder- proof hedging or for training on walls to display their profuse and brightly coloured berries. They also make attractive free-standing shrubs, although growth is then often more compact and arching. 'Red Column' is reliable, vigorous form, with dense growth and strong branches covered in Autumn with masses of long-lasting berries.

This Callicarpa or Beauty Berry, as it is better known, carries colourful Autumnal fruits that cannot be rivalled for a jolt of eye catching late season colour. Shaded in bright metallic purple, there is no other shrub with berries quite like it.
Full hardy and easy to grow, Callicarpa Profusion will perform best in a well drained brightly lit position in the garden, although it will also tolerate partial shade. Deciduous and bushy, it is a fantastic addition to beds and borders. Maintenance wise, simply trim and losing it's berries to keep as a smaller sized plant or to neaten it up.

Lustrous dark green leaves and small clusters of red-purple flowers in April and May, followed by large, bright red berries. This compact Japanese Laurel is perfect for a small shady site. Tolerant of dry shade and urban-pollution. The berries are highly attractive and retained all winter.

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