Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Buxus Pyramids for Christmas.

The popular Buxus pyramid is an ideal evergreen for Christmas displays with many home owners using these 'Christmas Tree' shaped plants as a festive feature by decorating with lights and other hanging decorations. Even though the Nordman Fir remains the most popular selling Christmas Tree in the UK, many people see the Buxus pyramid as the perfect outdoor plant to decorate for the festive season.

Buxus Pyramid (Buxus Sempervirens - Hardy Box Topiary Pyramid).

These classic evergreen box pyramids are ideal for modern or traditional gardens or courtyards, they have been used for centuries. These are best planted in fertile, well drained soil in a partially shady site, they are perfect for punctuating the end of a dwarf hedge or for use in pairs for flanking a set of steps, a doorway or pathway.
These Buxus are also popular for displays at Christmas time with many people using them as miniature Christmas Trees, decorating them with lights etc.

Looking after your Buxus Pyramid:

  • Ideally trim in spring time or late summer to keep it's shape.
  • Create topiary and clip into the required geometric shapes or figures etc.
  • These are ideal for containers though also grow well in fertile ground in gardens.
  • Direct sunlight can cause loss of foliage colour and can cause scorching.


  • Has dark green foliage which is in very tight and compact form.
  • Hardiness - Fully hardy and needing no protection during winter months.
  • Slow rate of growth compared to other varieties.
  • Propagation: Plant 4 inch cuttings for re-growth.

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