Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The GXP100 supporting Horticulture on Social Media.

The #GXP100 was founded and launched by GardeningExpress to support national horticulture projects across the UK through use of Social Media. Each week, a league table is generated which obtains data from Twitter and ranks players depending on their weekly activity - Fair to all and rewarding all those that are keeping busy on social media. Players are anyone and everyone involved within the horticulture industry (please email us at if you want to be included).

Already there have been a host of winners who have donated the £25 GardeningExpress vouchers to good causes across the UK to include Allotment Associations, Farms and GreenFingers. Charities such as Alzheimers and The RHS have also been supported by way of donations.

The RHS have acknowledged the #GXP100 to include reTweeting and collaborating in GardeningExpress donating two vouchers for £50 & £25 for their chosen winners.

Supporting Horticulture.

GardeningExpress would like more people and companies within the horticulture industry to join the #GXP100 leaderboard both to further diversify the weekly winners and charity / organisations that are donated to, but also to build a strong community on Twitter who are able to use the hashtag of #GXP100 to voice concerns, news and views on our industry.

There are so many good associations, events and charities across the UK that rarely get seen and heard of - We believe that social media is a great way to get many out in to the public eye and by offering our a donation of plants as a prize, we hope that highlighting the winners on Twitter will give them added exposure and following to the good within horticulture that they offer.

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