Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What to do in the Garden in October.

This is the month to get planting, pruning, cutting, clearing, burning, servicing and much more! Autumn is the season where there is much activities in gardens across the UK and many people still buying and ordering plants online to get things ready for next Spring and Summer.

Beware of Frost!

October is a month where will start to see frost so action must be taken to bring tender plants such as your Fuchsias and Geraniums inside, Begonias should be lifted and then potted and placed in protective areas such as your greenhouse. Other garden plants will need protection too by placing in sheltered areas or given them cover with a sheet etc.

It's time to tidy things up!

You garden can become quite full of dead leaves during October so clearing your lawn and borders is priority. Brush or rake them off and ideally place them on to your garden compost heap or storage them in to vented black bags and keep for next years feed for borders etc.
Remember to tidy parts of plants that have died and debris such as twigs and branches. Also consider garden pathways, patios and ponds and clean them if needed.

What you should be planting.

It's a month for planting with popular purchases to include Foxglove, hardy heathers, herbaceous perennials and clematis, spring bulbs, lilies and much more. It is also a very good time to plant trees and shrubs thank to the ideal soil condition which is still relatively warm from summer and moist.

Preparing the Soil.

Before planting be sure to prepare your soil by digging over the soil and taking out any weeds. Ideally, add some well rotted compost (remember to turn over your compost heap from time to time).

Have you a greenhouse?

The greenhouse will be in use this month by bringing in plants that need sheltering from the change in weather, protecting from frost etc. Watering will still be taking place though frequency now reduced. If you have heaters in your greenhouse make sure they are serviced and working, open vents still on warm days, but remember to close them during nights.

Servicing your Garden Tools.

Now is the time of year to be servicing your tools such as sharpening sheers and blades, sending your lawn mower for a service etc. Hose pipes should be reeled back in, outside garden taps should also be closed down (remember to do so via the stop cock inside your home).

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