Sunday, 27 October 2013

UK Storm 2013 - Latest News

UK Storm 2013 - Latest News

If you have not already heard about the storm that is on the way, where have you been??

The Met Office have issued their latest severe weather warning on the coming events here if you want to keep up to date with the developments.

It is getting late in the day now, rain has started already here, and we have done everything we can at GE HQ to make every thing as safe and secure as possible, and are closing our operations down for the day on Monday - the safety of our team is paramount to us. Please be safe and secure where ever you are, and if you have not done so already, here are a few things you might want to do in the garden to prepared for the high wind. In our book, a storm forecast to have Hurricane strength winds with gusts in excess of 80mph, that's been given a name has to be nasty! With lots of rain forecast in a short space of time, flooding is of a great concern too. Earlier reports were saying the storm was named Christian, but the latest name is that of #StJude - 'the patron saint of depression and lost causes'! according to twitter, so a very apt name!

Anyway, here's some things to consider for the garden for this weather event, or any for high winds in the future, luckily, I was able to complete most of these jobs earlier today.

> Secure patio furniture, planters and the like, preferably bring indoors or stand in the garage.

> Flying debris & gravel can cause injury, anything liable to get picked up by the wind could smash windows. Put watering cans, buckets etc away

> Got a greenhouse?? Make sure the clips are all secure holding the glass in. Keep the doors and windows shut so it can't be lifted, make sure it is well anchored down too

> Probably a bit late in the day, but if you have any trees with weak or damaged boughs, they are liable to fall. Get them removed.

Around 15 million trees were lost in the last comparable storm of 1987, when I was just a boy, I remember seeing many big trees felled like matchwood, even mature majestic trees, like the legendary Seven Oaks at that location in Kent were affected, with 6 out of those 7 felled.

With many trees still in full leaf, and ground soft from the rain, it's likely many will get blown over tonight. Keep safe if you have large trees close to your home that could potentially blow on top of roof tops and come crashing in. Watch out for any old Chimney pots too.

All the cushions from patio furniture and glass topped tables are safely stowed inside for us. Fingers crossed for the best, although it is always better to be over prepared.

Perhaps the news has gone a little over the top because of what happened in 1987, when one weather man who we won't mention made the mistake of saying no storm was on the way, after which the worst in living memory hit us, so it's pretty safe to say the media want to cover themselves this time.

Think about pets with this bad weather too. If you have any that live outside, it may be worth bringing them indoors - bunny hutches, guinea pig runs etc could all be blown over/apart in the wind, with inhabitants left petrified, and exposed to terrible conditions and predators too. It could be a good idea to bring them in later this evening, before dark.

I'm a little worried about our hen house, we've anchored it pretty well though, but do check yours out if you have pet hens, also if you have an aviary, as we do, ensure its secure, consider shutting the birdies inside for the night if possible.

It's likely tomorrows rush hour will be a nightmare tomorrow, and we will surely see roads blocked with fallen trees, and chaos on the railways. Please keep safe, and remember, material possessions can be replaced, people can't, keep inside and safely tucked up out of the bad conditions and avoid the risks of injury and flying debris. If you don't know what 80mph winds and rain look like, or what happened in 1987 have a look on Google and youtube - you have been warned!

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