Monday, 12 November 2012

Its that time of year again!!

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 At this time of the year, many of us have been having a good clear up in the garden. Seasonal jobs such as pruning back overgrown plants and perennials that have finished for the year have been done, and every day we seem to be raking up more leaves here. We're planting bulbs and new season roses in ernest, and hedging season is just starting too.

It's at this time of year that evergreens start to become more noticable and really come in to their own. It's true to say that Winter does not have to be a dull time in the garden at all. Patio planters particularly, situated close the the house are well worth filling with seasonally attractive plants. I like to use smart evergreens like Buxus Topiary to provide winter structure and form, as well as the stand green form, there is a little known golden variegated variety, that glows in the winter sunshine through the snow when little else is looking good.

Architectural plants with bold dramatic outlines, such as Phormiums and Cordylines can also be used to great effect, rising up like fountains, glinting in frost, are effective on their own or when combined with softer planting. We've some fantastic examples of these on the nursery right now, so below you can find some great offers to clears our stocks, and brighten your outdoor space. Our Electric Pink Specimen Cordylines which are now HALF PRICE, and Large Cordyline australis Specimens are particularly noteworthy.

So there you have it, there are plenty of fantastic varieties to plant in your garden now to add colour and structure to your beds, borders and patio containers. November doesn't mean shut the back door and forget about the garden. I for one need to go and rake up some more leaves!
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Cordyline "Electric Pink" - Stunning Pink Patio Cordyline LARGE
HALF PRICE! Electric Pink Specimen Cordyline

Cordyline Electric Pink
Perfect for adding bright, exotic colour to your winter garden. Fully hardy Cordyline australis 'Electric Pink' is a new comer for adding interest to your garden and patio planters. It's bright pink in colouration with softer, more tactile foliage that traditional Cordylines. The gently arching leaves are almost reminiscent of a Phormium. With hardly any green visible in the leaves, the colouration is electric; strikingly striped with bright fuchsia and bronze. Cordylines are very easy to care for and extremely rewarding to grow. Perfect for containers as well as beds and borders. Supplied in approximately 5-10 litre containers at around 100cm tall - great value for the size.

Specimen Green Cordyline
SAVE £60! Green Cordyline Australis

Cordyline australis - Green Torbay Palm Specimen
This lovely hardy green Cordyline, also known as the cabbage or Torbay Palm, looks excellent in a pot as well as in the border and is so fuss-free and easy to care for.

Very tolerant of wind and coastal exposure, this palm can reach up to five metres tall in the right spot after many, many years! Great for a tropical effect jungle garden or to add its evergreen impact and architectural shape anywhere.

Our large, chunky plants are supplied at around 100-120cm tall, ready to show off and grace your deck, balcony or other outdoor relaxation area!

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