Sunday, 1 November 2009

Autumn Foliages is an Explosion of Colour on our Nursery

We've had the camera out, and took a walk through the nursery recently to check out all the stunning autumn foliage. The colours have been amazing this year. It's not only the usual suspect like Acers that are putting on a good show either, there are many other plants that you may not have thought of as having colourful foliage. The colours occur as the leaves prepare to fall, as the chlorophyll and other elements in the leaf are broken down and drawn back into the plant to nourish it.

Some of our favourites at the moment:

Acer aconitifolium - lovely deep cut foliage, green in summer, and now deep red!

Ginkgo biloba - Beautiful buttery coloured autumn foliage of our ginkgos, prior to its fall.
Showing the foliage colour changes of our Ginkgo.

Cotinus Royal Purple - the deep purple summer foliage now gives way to a more fiery shade

Witch Hazels - In the New Year, we will be enjoying the unusual spidery flowers and heady scent, but for now, these Hamamelis provide an intense show of foliage colour.

Something a bit different . . . . . . . . .

Startling coloured foliage of the Aronia, the berries of which can be used as a "super food"

Even our Hydrangeas are getting in on the act, this Hydrangea macrophylla certainly has a deep blush to it!

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